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Flu vaccine shortage

Jun 07 2019
The Ministry of Health have advised us stock levels of the adult flu vaccine Influvac are low. The remaining vaccines need to be used for those most at risk. Because of this Kelburn Northland Medical will only be providing vaccines for high risk goups eligible for publically funded vaccines. This includes people already booked in with our nurses for flu vaccines – we apologise that unless you are eligible for a free vaccine (see groups below) we will not be able to give you your vaccine.

  • Pregnant women
  •  Those aged 65 and over
  • Children aged 4 and under with serious respiratory illnesses
  • People with severe asthma, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions that make them more susceptible to influenza

This does not affect children under the age of 3 – they have a different vaccine.

The Immunisation Advisory Centre statement follows:

The number of influenza vaccines that have been distributed in 2019 is higher than the total number of influenza vaccines distributed in 2016 and 2017, and nearly as many as the total for all of last winter when 1.3 million doses were distributed. 

PHARMAC has been working closely with suppliers for several weeks on whether it is possible to source more vaccine. These vaccines need to have the correct influenza strains for New Zealand so they need to be sourced from another Southern Hemisphere market. At this time it is unlikely that more influenza vaccine supplies can be obtained. Demand for the influenza vaccine is an international issue. Australia has also experienced very high demand this year, and unfortunately there is no surplus stock available for us to source from Australia. 

High uptake of influenza immunisation means most people will have already been immunised this year. However, to ensure that influenza vaccine is available for those most in need and who have not yet had their influenza vaccination, the Ministry of Health is asking General Practices and Pharmacists to ensure they closely manage their stock levels and only vaccinate those who are eligible for publicly funded vaccines:

·         Pregnant women.

·         Those aged 65 and over.

·         Children aged 4 and under with serious respiratory illnesses.

·         People with severe asthma, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions that make them more susceptible to influenza.




Easter Opening Hours

Apr 18 2019

We will be closed on the stat holidays of Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day. If you need urgent medical attention on these days then please use After Hours, 17 Adelaide Road Wellington. 

Telephone issue resolved

Apr 03 2019

This morning our telephone line was down - this has now been resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Telephone issues

Apr 03 2019

We are experiencing a problem with our telephones, and are not receiving calls. For anything urgent please visit Afterhours, 17 Adelaide Road. We are working on this issue and expect it to be fixed this morning. We will update the website when the system is up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Measles Update

Mar 12 2019

There is currently a Measles outbreak in Canterbury.

Most people born in the 1970s or 1980s will have been offered one dose of measles vaccine as children, those born from the 1990s onwards may have been offered two doses.  For any adult born since 1969 in New Zealand who has received only  a single dose of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) in childhood, a second dose is recommended to achieve full protection, particularly against measles. 

If you are not sure how many doses you have had, and are registered with us, you can call us on 049399551 for advice. 

If you cannot demonstrate immunity or have not had two doses, vaccination is recommended, provided you have no contraindications (such as pregnancy).

The current New Zealand schedule for measles vaccination is at 15 months and 4 years of age. If you are worried about your child's vaccination status please call us for advice. 

Waitangi Day - Closed

Feb 05 2019

We will be closed on Waitangi Day, Wednesday 6th February. If you need urgent medical care please go to After Hours 17, Adelaide Road which is open until 11pm. We open on Thursday 7th February at 8am.

Closed Wellington Anniversary, Monday 22nd Jan

Jan 17 2019

We will be closed on Wellington Anniversary, Monday 22nd Jan. If you need to access urgent medical care then please present to After Hours 17, Adelaide Road. We will be open as usual at 8am on Tuesday 23rd Jan. 

Christmas Opening Hours

Dec 24 2018

We are open limited hours over the festive period to see our registered patients for urgent care, please call 049399551 to book an appointment. We are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and 2nd Jan. On the 24th,27th 28th 31st Dec and 3rd 4th Jan we are open between 8:30am and 3pm. We return to our usual opening hours on Monday 7th January. 

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