Free flu jabs from 1 July: Tamariki aged 3-12

Jun 26, 2022

If your child is 3-12 years old, they can now get a free flu vaccination here or at most pharmacies.

Most tamariki aged 9 years and over need one vaccination each year to get good protection against flu.  If your child is under 9 and has not had a flu vaccination before then they will need 2 doses 4 weeks apart.

If your child has recently had COVID-19 they can have a flu jab as soon as they’ve recovered.

Tamariki are at a higher risk of catching the flu and of passing it on to others, particularly other members of their whānau who may be older or have underlying health issues.

Protect your tamariki and your whānau from the flu – get a free flu jab for your tamariki if they’re aged between 3 – 12.

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