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Our Standard Fees

This table lists the standard fees we charge for a standard General Practice consultation, for enrolled patients, within usual business hours. Varying charges may be incurred in a range of circumstances including for instance: ACC visits, Casual visits, Travel, longer consultations, minor surgery, for services involving equipment or supplies, or allied medical health practitioners.











Consult 18+$64$19.50$85(CSC $65)$85
Consult 65+$61$19.50$85 (CSC $63)$85
Consult 14-17$48$13.00$60 (CSC $55)$85
Consult Under 14FREEFREE$38 (CSC $38)$85
ACC Consult 18+$64$19.50$64$64
ACC Consult 65+$61$19.50$60$61
ACC Consult 14-17$48$13.00$48$48

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Frequently asked questions

About Kelburn Northland Medical Center

How Do I book an Appointment?

You can book an appointment by calling reception on 049399551 or if you are registered to the patient portal you can book a Doctors appointment by logging on at: www.myindici.co.nz and clicking appointments.

How Do I Cancel my Appointment?

Missed appointments and late cancellations reduce our ability to care for our patients. We require 2 hours notice to cancel appointments other wise there will be a charge to your account. You can cancel via the patient portal, or by calling reception on 049399551.

How Do I Order Repeat Prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions take 2 working days to complete. Please have the name and dosage of your medication ready, as well as the name of the pharmacy you would like the prescription sent to. The charge for a repeat prescription is $20. If you are registered to the patient portal you can order your repeat prescription by logging on at : www.myindici.co.nz and clicking into the medications button. You can also order your repeat medication by calling us on 049399551 and selecting option 2.

How Do I Change my Address and Tel No?

If you are registered to the patient portal you can change your details through this, you can also change your details with reception at your next appointment or call us on 049399551

How Do I Get the most out of my appointment?

7 Ways to Get The Most from your 15 minute GP Appointment

  1. Don’t Bring a (Long) List

Did you know an appointment with the doctor (or nurse) is 15 minutes. This is enough time usually to deal with one major or a couple of minor issues. If you have more than this to discuss you can book a double appointment so that we can give your concerns the time they deserve. This also helps to reduce the chances of us running late.

  1. Be On Time

Despite our best efforts some problems are more serious and can require more than the allotted 15 minutes. We do our best to be punctual and if patients arrive late this has a knock-on effect on those coming after you. For this reason we may not be able to see you if you arrive more than 5 minutes after your appointment start time.

  1. Get The Important Issue Out First

If you are worried about a particular symptoms, eg. chest pain or new breast lump, please mention it at the beginning so we don’t spend the 15 minutes talking about your verrucas or other minor issues (Yes, we can easily spend 15 minutes talking about verrucas!)

  1. Be Chronological and Specific with your story

It’s worth having a little think before your appointment so you have the details of your story  nice and clear for the doctor. When thinking of timings try to be specific with  hours/days/weeks/months rather than ‘a long time’ which can mean different things to different people.

  1. Dr Google or not to Google…..

It is very common to search the internet for ideas as to what may be causing your symptoms. If this has raised possible diagnoses that are now concerning you please share your concerns. However then let us do our job, take a history and examine you, before we can then discuss whether the internet has been accurate (or not!) in your situation.

  1. There is no need to be embarrassed

Doctors are used to dealing with all areas of the body and are very happy to be shown anything.

  1. Be courteous

Please be nice to all of our team. We are all here to help you. There may be times when we get a little busy but we will still be doing our best. A smile or thank you is always appreciated.

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