We currently offer travel appointments for our enrolled patients only.

In order to book these we need the downloadable form to be completed and returned to us, in person or by email.

Travel FAQ


Why do I have to complete the pre-travel form in advance?

Completing a questionnaire in relation to your medical history and a detailed itinerary helps our doctors provide the best possible travel consultation for you and your trip. Every country has different requirements, and these can change suddenly. The more details you can give your doctor, the better advice he/she can give you to help your trip succeed with no issues.

Do I need an appointment for each family member traveling?

We can do families together in an appointment but please advise us of all the members who will be attending as we will need to allocate enough time for our doctor to properly cover everything.

Can reception find out which vaccines I need before my appointment?

The reception team cannot find this out prior to your appointment. An appointment with our doctor is required to cover vaccinations.

I already know which vaccine/s I need; can I skip the GP and just see the nurse?

Vaccines are a prescription only medicine that must be prescribed by a doctor. Legally we must see you to complete a prescription safely.

Are vaccines included in the consult fee?

Vaccinations are not included in the consultation fee. This excludes vaccinations included in the New Zealand regular schedule which are free.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If you have records of previous vaccinations this can be useful information. For example, any vaccinations completed overseas, or a yellow fever vaccination card.

What happens if KNM doesn’t have any travel appointments available before my departure date?

We will do our best to see you prior to your trip. The more advanced warning we have the better as some vaccinations require multiple doses over specified time periods. If you require an uncommon vaccination, we may need to order this in.



Please note these prices are for the GP appointment only and there will be an extra cost for vaccines if any is needed.


We require at least 24hours notice for any cancellation or reschedule of appointments and a $60 fee will apply when missing an appointment or not enough notice given.

Our fees for travel appointments depends on the number of people travelling and the number of destinations planned, as this impacts in the amount of research your GP needs to do before your appointment.

TravellerCountry / DestinationsFee
1 adult or child 14 or older1$115
1 child under 141$50
1 adult or child 14 or olderMultiple$150
1 child under 14Multiple$75
2 adults/children 14 or olderMultiple$200
Family up to 4 membersMultiple$300
Family group – extra child under 14Multiple$30
Family group – extra adult or child 14 or olderMultiple$50
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